GuamWEBZ encourages our clients to ask questions and to understand how their website works. We empower our clients with optional thorough training. This is indeed for clients who want to learn more about web design, the inner workings of the internet, and similar topics.
Training can be directly related to the client’s website. For instance, the client may want to learn on how to read and interpret "web statistics". We can surely offer this type of training. Or, education can be related to broader topics, such as, web-safety. For instance, the client may want to learn on how to encourage web safety at home. Again, we can offer this type of education.
There may be certain areas of the website which the client themselves would be managing (updating). In this case, we offer "live remote assistance" through the day, by which the client can ask our assistance in guiding them through a certain task, simply over the phone or via chat. The client and our support team would be sharing "desktops", in that, the client will be able to remotely see our support team’s desktop, for easy understanding of any training presentation. This would help avoid unnecessary commuting.
Casual training is on-going, formal training can be set per schedule.
  • Face-time, Remote Assistance, Manuals, Global Resources, and more…
  • One person, small groups, or your entire organization
  • For your website or for various internet topics
  • Part of your Website Management package or as a separate service

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