Hafa Adai & Welcome to Guam’s Leading Web Solutions Provider!

GuamWEBZ is proudly, a local firm specializing in the design and development of viable online solutions for small and large businesses, non-profit groups, GovGuam and Federal Agencies, and almost anyone who wants to make a solid entry into the World Wide Web. Our technical know-how, creativity, business sense, and excellent client-support serve to your advantage, giving you a strong and profitable Internet presence. GuamWEBZ stands by all our online solutions, offering 24/7 Live Web Support, Monitoring, and Updating. We are here to take you online, and to keep you online, all the time.


Hafa Adai, Hami i Mas Takhilo’ na Empeñu para i Web na Nisisidat-mu!

GuamWebz, un matungo’ yan kapas na kometsion Guahan yan gof maolek mama’tinas propiu na empeñun "internet" para dikike’ yan dongkålu na kompaña, ti para probechu na inetnon, i Gubetnamenton Guahan yan Ahensian Federåt, yan maseha håyi malago dumokkon maisa gui’ gi i "World Wide Web." Iyon-måmi tiningo’ teknikat, "creativity," finayin kometsiante yan gof maolek na setbisio yan sinapotte para iyon-måmi "clients," todu este i probechu-mu, ya siña in na’setbe este siha para u fa’tinåsi hao ni’ un metgot yan gaiprobechu na lugåt gi i "Internet." GuamWEBZ, tumatachu ham gi hilo’ todu iyon-måmi empeñun "online," ya in ofresi hao 24/7 Ensigidas na Sinapotte, Pinilan yan Fina’nuebu. Para bei in na’online hao, ya na’siguru na sigi ha’ online hao todu tiempo.

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More than websites!

In 2011, GuamWEBZ has expanded its core services to include IT Infrastructure Development, Planning & Consulting, E-conversion, E-Implementation, Custom Software/Application Development, Web-based Marketing, Database Integration, Secure File Sharing Systems, Online Reservation Systems, Social Marketing, Social Intelligence, Collaborative Workspace Planning and Deployment, and Large-group Training/Coaching.

With our partners, we now have a division focused on working with Federal and GovGuam agencies to reach their tech-based milestones. We are also ready to work with private organizations to develop and deploy custom applications and systems.

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22nd Century

GuamWEBZ launches a more comprehensive Client Care system

GuamWEBZ now offers On-the-GO, offering services for Mobile technology

GuamWEBZ now offers PaySYSTEMZ, the best way to accept online payments

Rotary Club of Guam Sunrise: GuamWEBZ’s lead consultant is a chosen speaker for IT topics

Guam Humanities Council launched an awesome website, built by GuamWEBZ

GuamDiabetes.org has been refreshed in time for upcoming Diabetes Awareness Month in November

GuamWEBZ builds and will launch "StopCyberbullyingOnGuam.org", 2nd week of Oct. 2010

GuamWEBZ with Tamuning Mayors Office agrees to launch "Man’amko Can Surf" program

Prutehi Hao and DPHSS chooses "Got Lucky? Get Tested!" concept designed by GuamWEBZ

PacificWEBZ ground breaking took place, our sister company will commence December 2010

"GuamWEBZ Gives Back" program is in full swing, to help non-profit groups to get online

Popular local restaurant, Jamaican Grill launches a wonderful website, built by GuamWEBZ

GuamWEBZ announces launch of the its "E-Community Commitment"

GuamWEBZ offers businesses the chance to connect using Facebook

GuamWEBZ now offers the coolest, eye-catching, and effective "Floating Icons".

Popular mechanism to share web pages is now available through our concept of "Web Share".

GuamWEBZ is 100% WordPress literate...offering yet another platform to clients.

GuamWEBZ totally understands GovGuam's vision for local government websites. We are ready.

22nd Century Technologies and GuamWEBZ team-up to serve GovGuam

VenceSoft and GuamWEBZ reach deal to allow GuamWEBZ provide larger pool of IT Resources

GuamWEBZ is selected as the first and official IT Consultant to server small-businesses through SBDC

GuamWEBZ wins 2 years award to serve GHURA’s web-based needs

GuamWEBZ takes the Hafa Adai Pledge

GuamWEBZ joins the Buy Local Guam Program

GuamWEBZ is hired to build the new and enhanced Island Girl Power Website

GuamWEBZ wins award to build Recovery Guam website

GuamWEBZ wins award to build Project Karinu Website

GuamWEBZ launched new online reservations system, catering to hotels, car rentals, and more

GuamWEBZ launched e-conversion to help clients like Guam Coalition to hold “paperless” events

GuamWEBZ launches SocialWEBZ to help clients utilize social marketing as part of overall marketing plan

GuamWEBZ lead consultant was speaker at Women in Business Conference; presented Web-based Marketing

GuamWEBZ is now owned and operated by Guam-based corporation, Th, Inc.

Epayment America and GuamWEBZ now offer better and more reliable online payment systems on Guam

Guam OPA’s website wins silver award for best website; Website is managed by GuamWEBZ

GHURA’s first ever online application is launched by GuamWEBZ